This Golden Ring

Here we stand as we face
The wonders of life's journey
We'll sail across the ocean
And touch the stars above
Take my hand, let me place
This ring upon your finger
A symbol of devotion
A pledge of endless love

I put this golden ring on your finger
I don't just give you a ring, I give you my heart
It's a neverending rainbow
In good times and rough
Keepin' us together
In a circle of love

And if fate leaves a space
A thousand miles between us
Destiny may take me
To places far and wide
Think of me, as you feel
That gold upon your finger
And let the feeling linger
Till I am by your side


All my life, I've been runnin' on my own
But I feel like I've been runnin' round the circles
Now I found the greatest love I've ever known
And I can't wait to live with you for the rest of my life