Hold on Sarah
Sorry, isn't all I wanna say
Don't let it end this way
The girl means nothing
She only help me pass a lonely day, oh Sarah
Why don't you look
Deep in my eyes
And let your heart decide if
I'm telling you lies

Sarah, you're the one I love, you can see it in my face (Sarah)
No another woman could hope to take your place (Sarah)
I didn't want to cause such heartache and pain (Sarah)
I'll never be untrue
Or break your heart again

You know, last night in Vegas
Girls went wild and tried to rush the stage
That's what I'd always dreamed
But the hole thing left me
Feelin' empty like a lion in a cage, oh Sarah
I should have enjoyed
Glory and fame
But a lonely voice inside me
Kept calling your name


I follow my heart
Back to your door
And I swear, I'll never leave you
Alone anymore