I Give You Love

What can I do?
You know suddenly I've lost my mind
When I saw you
With all the grace of woman kind
You took away the clouds with your smile
And set my love on fire
You're the girl with expensive style
Let me satisfy your desire

I can't give you jewels
I can't give you diamonds
I give my love to you
I can't give you cars
I can't give you castles
I give you my heart
I give you the blue, between the clouds
And roses, all that I have found
I give you the stars, I give you my heart
I give you love, I give you love

I promise you
I will love you till the end of ever
If you get blue
I will kiss away your tears whenever
My greatest love had your face in a way
And I just realized
You're the light that shines on my way
And I'm so hypnotized


And when the wind comes back, deep in your eyes
I can see the sun is shining through
And when my heart beats fast, deep in my mind
I have all this songs I wrote for you