Garden Of Eden

As eden's gate was slowly closing
She heard the banished roses scream
Then turn to voices on the ev'ning news
Whose warning crept into her dream

And so she held her baby closer
Knows not of pain, she closed her eyes
Deep in the shelter of her mothers lap
It was here little daughter Rose

Garden of eden, unreachably far
Promise of beauty
A wish on a star
Hold on, don't let 'em close
The gates to the garden for Rose

To find a way or some solution
Gave her a kiss and off to bed
She told her husband all about her dream
He took it all to heart and said

If seedlings ever come to blossom
Or blossoms ripen into fruit
It's all because someone prepared the ground
And gave 'em care while takin' root


And it's cold outside
The days not as long as the night
If hope is alive
It lives in our love for a child