Are You Going My Way?

I'm standing at the crossroads of my life
I'm ready to go, I've made up my mind
My life has got no meaning without you
But a man's gotta do what he's gotta do

You sure don't make it easy
When you look at me this way
I thought we'd said godbye
Through the tears of yesterday

Are you going my way?
Did you finally decide
Or just came along
To kiss me goodbye?
Can these be tears
Of joy on your face?
Tell me, darling
Are you going my way?

I've tried so hard to find another way
But I can't go on dragging you down
I think of words my Daddy used to say
"When you run out of moves, then you'd better move on"

There had to be a reason
To leave my heart behind
Now I'm surprised to see you
Standing by my side


I wanna stay close to you, sharing my life with you
But sure as hell we can't survive this way
Wish I could still believe true love is all you need
But love has got a price to pay